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 **** Yenta Yack from the Back of the Hack…(These are conversations and opinions that I have eavesdropped on in my Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge)….Week of December 10, 2017

I am licensed by the New York City Taxi Commission as a Taxi driver and I am licensed by the New York City Consumer Affairs Department as a Tour Guide. (This means that the passenger(s) is going with a guy who is approved by NYC and the vehicle has all proper insurance in effect. I drive the streets of this city.  I was not sent by “central casting.”

Gabby Cabby laying on cab hood

As a licensed New York City Taxi Driver who also is approved as an Official NYC Tour Guide, I come in contact with New Yorkers, people from many States and from the rest of the world.  These are the True Tales that they are talking about in my Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge.

New York City gets about 60 million foreign visitors a year and we have about one million illegals living here already.  Ten million citizens live here.  What are real passengers saying?

**** When I get multiple requests for the same destination, I get curious.  This past week it was Artbag at 1130 Madison Avenue.  Take a look at its website which is

Our first snow has landed…Oh, my goodness, it made the city look so pretty, but a real pain in the ass to drive a yellow mobile conveyance lounge in it.

**** The lead True Tale for this week is  President Donald Trump taking square aim at the media over erroneous reporting, capping a week of back and forth between the President and one of his favorite punching bags. Trump turned his ire on a Washington Post reporter who apologized for tweeting a picture that misrepresented crowd size at his Pensacola rally, calling for his firing.  Almost all passengers seem to hold the media in disdain.  It isn’t helping that many of them are being indicted for sex crimes.  Respect for the media, at least in my cab, appears to be in the toilet.

**** Airbnb, the illegal “share my home and pay through the nose facilities” have another scary problem on their hands: People keep finding hidden cameras in their rental homes.  A host was busted trying to film guests without their knowledge — marking the fifth time this month that the company has had to publicly deal with this sort of incident.  What channel can I see those videos on?


**** A thief broke into an FBI agent’s car and stole a safe containing over $7,800 and several bulletproof vests as it sat parked in the shadow of Manhattan’s Federal Plaza, police said.  The 30-year-old agent parked her car near the corner of Thomas St. and Broadway — across the street from the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building, which houses the Bureau’s New York field office — around 6 p.m. Monday and found that it had been burglarized when she returned just before 10 a.m. Tuesday.  Police said the theft was caught on surveillance video but could not say what time it occurred, officials said.   Missing from the car was a safe containing the large sum of money and a bag containing 3 bulletproof vests. A handheld radio was also stolen, police said.  Based on the present reputation of FBI agents this lady agent probably stole the items herself and will file an insurance claim.

**** A New Jersey strip club that served as a favorite hangout for fictional mobsters in HBO’s “The Sopranos” has been ordered to shut down as authorities investigate real-life crimes.  Scenes at the show’s fictional Bada Bing club were shot inside Satin Dolls in Lodi.  New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino announced that Satin Dolls and another club owned by the same family must stop live entertainment this month and sell their liquor licenses by Jan. 3.  HBO was paying “protection money” to the mob to film in New Jersey.

**** Leonard Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz, two of New York’s longest-tenured radio hosts, were placed on leave by New York Public Radio as the company investigates allegations of inappropriate perverted sexual conduct.  Mr. Lopate, 77, has been a host on WNYC, which is owned by New York Public Radio, for more than 30 years, discussing the arts, politics, food and other topics each weekday. Mr. Schwartz, 79, hosts the station’s The Jonathan Channel as well as other programming on weekends.  WNYC disclosed that it had placed the men on leave just days after John Hockenberry, another well-known WNYC host, was accused by several women of sexual harassment, unwanted touching, and bullying,  Anyone making a financial contribution to WNYC or NPR or PBS is a schmuck.

**** A plan to invite some holiday cheer around Grand Central Terminal is just as likely to invite creeps to plant kisses on total strangers.  The Grand Central Partnership hung large boughs of mistletoe outside the bustling commuter hub — along with signs telling people that they are standing under “kisseltoe” and telling them to “Pucker Up!”  The move was supposed to be some harmless Christmas time fun, according to the partnership.  Only females who are just taking a train ride will play along.  The females looking for a job in media or broadcasting will go back to the hotel room to present their resumes.

**** The FBI is looking into the hiring practices of the Governor’s office.  The probe was launched by the U.S. attorney’s office for the eastern district of New York.  It relates to the Cuomo administration’s practice of taking on additional staff and paying them through other state agencies, thereby having no record of who actually works in the Governor’s office and what are their specific duties.  With the Governor being investigated by the FBI, he will never get indicted.


****Two thieves got their hands on a crate of the new Air Jordan sneakers the week before the shoe’s highly-anticipated release, police said.  Two men entered the Niketown store on East 57th Street between Madison and Fifth avenues on Monday night and grabbed a box containing several pairs of the Air Jordan 11 Retro “Win Like ’96” sneaker, police said.  The men didn’t even have to break in to Niketown, police said. The store was left unlocked after business hours when the thieves pulled off their heist around 10 p.m., police said.  Done for publicity by the store, trust me.

**** A man poached a parrot from a Petland store in Brooklyn by stuffing the exotic bird into his pocket and then walking out, cops said. The suspect could be seen on video cramming the blue Quaker parrot into a plastic bag at the Petland on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg on Tuesday before hiding the pet in his pocket, according to police.  Quaker parrots tend to be active birds and can mimic human speech.  The bird is estimated to be worth hundreds of dollars.  The man fled in an unknown direction and cops were searching for the parrot thief on Thursday night.  Birdie, birdie in the sky dropping whitewash in my eye.

**** The Brooklyn Bridge has become as famous for its outsize crowds as its sweeping views of the New York skyline — earning it the distinction of the “Times Square in the Sky.”  The elevated promenade of the iconic bridge is clogged with selfie-posing tourists, vendors hawking water and souvenir knickknacks, and harried commuters just trying to get to work or back home. Cyclists constantly brake for pedestrians overflowing into the bike lane. Pedestrians yell at cyclists for going too fast, or coming too close.  Pedestrian crossings have soared in 2017 to an average of 13,196 for a weekday, compared with 10,484 in 2011, while weekend crossings for the same period have boomed to 32,453 from 14,145.  Cyclist crossings have also increased to an average of 3,157 for a weekday in 2017 from 2,981 in 2011.  Our Mayor can cut down on traffic if he permits only people who like him to walk on the bridge.

**** Celebrity Sighting:  Joanne Froggatt. Who is she?


****TV THEME (can you guess what show this music came from?  AUDIO****THE SNEAKY CAMERA (the hidden camera)..a growing collection of new yorkers are unaware that they are being watched by a certain taxi driver. new ones are added from time to time. take a peep at SNEAKY(Please note: when playing a movie on your computer, you should diminish the size of the frame. If you have a problem, please contact me

****AND THAT NEAT MOVIE HOUSE ALWAYS SHOWED A DOUBLE FEATURE AND HERE WE ARE WITH A SECOND FLICK.  This is a trip around the city in the famous yellow mobile conveyance lounge. HONK HONK****THE MOST WANTED TOUR IN THE BIG APPLE.

**Hear what some happy tourists had to say about my tours, just go AUDIO**Here is an interview i did with a tourist and it was presented on radio 702 in south africa. from time to time, i do this and the tourist gets to be famous. The radio stations love this feature for their listeners. AUDIO**To hear broadcast spots about some of the places where folks are taken to, listen to these commercials that were created for a “visit new york city promotion” at SPOTS

****Please note that I encourage folks planning on coming to NYC to write to me for some advice.  Beware the online trip advising sites that are written mainly by public relations people to promote their clients’ services.  Many of the restaurants that they tout have numerous health violations and you can always ask me about that.  I do not “rate” things, but I sure can tell you if you choices (including hotels and attractions) are wise ones.

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