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Daylight Saving Time – Second Sunday in March and Ends First Sunday in November

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I am licensed by the New York City Taxi Commission as a Taxi driver and I am licensed by the New York City Consumer Affairs Department as a Tour Guide. (This means that the passenger(s) is going with a guy who is approved by NYC and the vehicle has all proper insurance in effect.  I drive the streets. 

I was not sent by “central casting.”

Gabby Cabby laying on cab hood

As a licensed New York City Taxi Driver who also is approved as an Official NYC Tour Guide, I come in contact with New Yorkers, people from many States and from the rest of the world.  These are the True Tales that they are talking about in my Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge.

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**** A girl stands inside a barrel in Caracas, Venezuela.  Sometimes, you just can’t pick you neighbors.

The St. Patrick parade kicked off at 11 a.m. on Saturday at 44th Street and Fifth Avenue and went to 79th Street until 5 p.m. The parades had about 100,000 marchers and 2 million spectators.  Everyone was here.  Is there no one left in Ireland?

**** When Gambino crime family boss Frank Cali was shot dead this week in front of his Staten Island home, the stunning break in decades of relative mob peace set phones ringing alight with speculation as to the actors and motive behind his murder.  CNN interviewed a local resident who said, “there are lots of Italians on Staten Island” and they actually aired that comment.  Should I be afraid to give Italians a ride in my yellow mobile conveyance lounge?

**** The director of the FBI office in Boston is the only person in the United States who did not know that the college entrance procedure is corrupt or maybe he just doesn’t have any kids.  Put a couple of college administrators in jail and the problem is solved.  Go to pontifications.



**** The killings in Christ Church.  How did it affect the Muslim community in NYC?  We have 200 mosques.


**** One of the main new highlights will be New York City’s highest observation deck.  The observation deck at 30 Hudson Yards will be located 1,100 feet in the air and extend 65 feet from the skyscraper to give visitors unobstructed views of Manhattan and the Hudson River.  The observation deck nicknamed the “Edge,” is expected to open in early 2020.  Make sure you wear a parachute.

**** Never got 200,000 messages to keep cop killers in jail.  Grace Russell’s husband, NYPD Officer Michael Russell, who was shot down in Brooklyn 40 years ago.  The state Parole Board quietly shuttered an online service created to send letters opposing the release of NYPD cop-killers straight to the agency, with as many as 200,000 messages left in limbo. The bizarre discovery was made by her when she stumbled across the colossal foul-up when she asked parole officials last month how many letters came in opposing the release of her husband’s killer Sergio Voii who is up for parole. NYPD is having a fit.

**** Celebrity Sighting.  Cindy Lawrence who runs the Museum of Mathematics.  Find her interview at podcast.


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****THE SNEAKY CAMERA (the hidden camera)..a growing collection of new yorkers are unaware that they are being watched by a certain taxi driver. new ones are added from time to time. take a peep at SNEAKY(Please note: when playing a movie on your computer, you should diminish the size of the frame. If you have a problem, please contact me

****AND THAT NEAT MOVIE HOUSE ALWAYS SHOWED A DOUBLE FEATURE AND HERE WE ARE WITH A SECOND FLICK.  This is a trip around the city in the famous yellow mobile conveyance lounge.


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****Please note that I encourage folks planning on coming to NYC to write to me for some advice.  Beware the online trip advising sites that are written mainly by public relations people to promote their clients’ services.  Many of the restaurants that they tout have numerous health violations and you can always ask me about that.  I do not “rate” things, but I sure can tell you if your choices (including hotels and attractions) are wise ones.

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