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**** Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is facing intense scrutiny following his decision not to prosecute movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in 2015. This week, an NYPD tape of Weinstein allegedly admitting to groping a woman was made public, putting Vance on the defensive.  Could it be that Mayor deBlasio ordered the case killed because Weinstein is a big Democratic donor?


**** Summer weather may be sticking around, but a New York City winter staple celebrated its grand reopening for the season this past week.  The ice rink at Rockefeller Center reopened to much fanfare . The reopening ceremony featured a performance from Olympic ice dancing gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  Skating at Rockefeller Center is one of New York City’s biggest tourist draws. The rink holds about 150 people at a time and is usually jam-packed during the winter. The warm fall season could reduce the number of people on the ice — so if you want to skate at Rockefeller Center without dodging 100 tourists now might be a good time to visit the attraction.  This is the place to see and be seen.


**** On November 15th, auction house Christie’s will be offering a “special lot” in its Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale: A painting of Jesus Christ, painted around 1500, by Leonardo da Vinci called. The piece is called Salvator Mundi, and was believed lost until being “rediscovered” in 2005.  I shall be bidding of course.

**** There’s a new way to keep an eye on your train times before you leave the house, and it doesn’t involve an app.  Customers can choose their own platform that features train times in both directions, design their own text slide, add real-time weather updates and even feature a logo or picture.  Do you also get the noise of the train running through your home?

**** Sen. Chuck Schumer is criticizing proposed federal legislation that would let Americans from states with looser gun laws carry concealed firearms in more restrictive states like New York.  Under the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, now being considered in the House and the Senate, states would essentially treat gun permits like driver’s licenses: A permit valid in one state would be valid in all American jurisdictions.  Schumer said it’s “the height of absurdity and arrogance” that a lawmaker in a state “where there are no standards” can effectively set gun policy for a densely populated place like New York City. He travels everywhere with an armed bodyguard.

**** Jewish prisoners are seeking class-action status in a federal lawsuit that claims they are being denied kosher meals.  The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court against the New York City Department of Corrections claims there are Jewish prisoners approved to get kosher meals and that requests to receive them have been refused by the Corrections Department. Oy Vey.

**** Elderly, Disabled Scramble to Get Flights From San Juan to the Big Apple. At a packed airport, throngs of locals are leaving, uncertain when they’ll return.  They are on their way to el Barrio.  With winter on the way, this is going to be tough for the refuges.

**** Celebrity Sighting: Ben Affleck spotted house hunting.

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****THE SNEAKY CAMERA (the hidden camera)..a growing collection of new yorkers are unaware that they are being watched by a certain taxi driver. new ones are added from time to time. take a peep at SNEAKY

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****Please note that I encourage folks planning on coming to NYC to write to me for some advice.  Beware the online trip advising sites that are written mainly by public relations people to promote their clients’ services.  Many of the restaurants that they tout have numerous health violations and you can always ask me about that.  I do not “rate” things, but I sure can tell you if you choices (including hotels and attractions) are wise ones.

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