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image012This is not how I drive…..

But first a word about “Pitfalls” in the city I love…..

Never book a tour with anyone other than a licensed NYC Tour Guide.  If you do, you are not covered by medical insurance and no automobile or bus insurance company will cover you if the driver is not certified by the city.  I am a licensed Tour Gide and a licensed Taxi driver and I have full insurance coverage.  Never book a tour because of published “good reviews.”  Although I have great reviews, don’t trust reviews in general.  Some (not mine) are written by the vendors themselves.   Ask me about a hotel or a restaurant and I will give you the straight information.  It will not be owned by my brother in law.

Never book a tour in an uncomfortable vehicle.  When I give a tour, it is in a nice air-conditioned, comfortable van with soft seats.  I stop where you want me to stop and there are no short cuts.  If the tour is taking longer, it takes longer.  I am not working against a clock.  The tour lasts as long as I like you.

Never book a tour that doesn’t include restroom stops.  Also, photo opportunity stops and just stretching stops.

Never book a room at illegal lodgings. There is no such thing as a legal bed and breakfast in NYC.  It against the law and the perpetrator can be fined as much as $7,000 and the guests can find themselves out on the street in the middle of the night.

Never book a tour with a guide who does not give you a complimentary tote bag for your collectibles from my city that I love.

How about those double decker bus tours?  My personal tours are like “flying first class.”  The double decker tours are “steerage” Nothing wrong with them and if that floats your boat, I can arrange one for you. Look at this movie to see how a double decker cruises the mean city streets. 

We can exchange correspondence or talk on the phone when you give me your telephone number for any place in the world.



I started giving my tours in 1998 when I had a lot more hair.

New York Skyline


Here is just one of the many interesting sights you get to see with me. Click on the image to see the film strip.


Just one of the many interesting sights you get to see with me on the BrooklynTour (full day tour only). Click on the image to see the film strip. 


My credentials to do the tours are that I have been in the New York City taxi cab and tour business on the streets of the Big Apple for thirty years.  I know this city like the back of my hand.  I have a hack license and I have a tour guide license.   I am certified.

In addition, I was in the United States Army Reserve for thirty years and served as a First Sergeant for 12 years.  With that combination of taxi driver and soldier, you know you are going to be safe with me.

I like the kiddies (car seats available) and the older folk are welcome (room for a walker) i am a nice grandfather.

Gabby Cabby laying on cab hood

Gabby Cabby in the Military

A new tour is West Point, the United States Military Academy.  Veterans get a discount.

Many years ago I was also a byline reporter for the New York Times.  Listen to some of the interviews I have done for the BBC.(  I also had my own show on BBC Upallnight.

I have been married to the same wonderful woman for 41 years and we have three great kids.  We have just become grandparents for the first time.  One son is a Major and one son is a Captain  in the United States Army.  Our daughter is a reservist in a military history detachment.  She has a Phd in military history. Obviously, if your children are also coming on the tour, that is absolutely no problem.  (I know how to adjust for them.)

If there is an elderly or handicapped person coming on the tour that will be no problem since I love old codgers and I intend to be one someday.  I like old codgers. Also, car seats for kids which is mandatory are available.

The most popular vehicle tour I give is a full day exploration of Manhattan /Bronx. I pick you up at your hotel at 9:00 AM.  You should be in front of the hotel).

If you are giving someone a tour as a gift, I will telephone that person (anyplace in the world) to announce how thoughtful you are.

Times Square


We usually get back at about 4:00 PM. I say “usually” because if the traffic is tough and it takes longer, I don’t quit until you have seen it all.  I will even drop you off at a location other than your hotel.  Up to two people total is $476.  Three is $576. Four is $676.  Five is $776. Six is $876.

I also have an all day tour of Brooklyn which will knock your socks off. The prices are the same as the Manhattan/Bronx Tour and so is its length. You could book either tour or both.

Pressed for time?  Ask me about my half day tours..

Do not just book online, but let me first answer any questions you might have.  (I can adjust to your date even if it indicates it is already taken)  Send an email to

For larger groups, I use a larger van.  For much larger groups, a full-size bus is used.  Cost will be quoted.  Just ask me.

Airport pickups and are my joy.  No charge on day of tour.  $176 on a different day.

Keep in mind that this is not just some quickie look at the city. We are going to go through all the ethnic areas like Chinatown, Little Italy, Black Harlem, and Spanish Harlem. We will also see the rich and the filthy rich.  We go to Greenwich Village and Soho.

China Town Chinese Dragon

We will even go to the South Bronx and take a look at the most dangerous place in New York City.


While we are doing this, we will be also seeing all the standard sights like the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations, the World Trade Center area and the Staten Island Ferry.


Besides just showing you the city I will explain to you how you can be in it and save a great deal of money.

For instance, I will teach you how to ride the buses and the subways. I want you to get the most for your money while you are here.

Crane dropping railroad car from cargo ship

While we are going around if you see something that interests you and you want to go in, no big deal. You will go in.

At one point during the day, we will stop for lunch and I can guarantee that it will be a neighborhood place where the real New Yorkers hang out. It will not be owned by my brother in law and it will only cost you a few dollars for the meal.

Leaving Brooklyn Fugheddaboudit Sign


If you have any further questions, I want you to contact me. Should you want to book a date, I will let you know how you will be paying for all of this.

I really think it is a kick that you want to consider spending the day with me. I can promise you that it will be a day you will long remember. We will have a ball as I show you the city I love.

By the way….If you are in the mood to just shop until you drop and save a great deal of money on your purchases, I have a fantastic way to do it.  Just take a look at shop.

I also give a tour which takes you to a famous mall and a visit to West Point in the burbs.



By the way, to help you consider taking a tour with me, the first thing you should do is go to JOKES.  Listen to them and see if you want to spend the day with me.

Email is

Skype is “nyctaxi”

Questions?      Email me  so we can coordinate the time for a telephone call from me to you to anyplace in the world.  I love questions.

But, last but not least, here is my typical day on the streets of NYC.